International Producer and DJ.

International Producer and DJ.

New EP launching soon!

Through life’s wind and rain walked a peaceful soul,
With no need to hide and a world full to roam,
But at every turn her eyes did see, sorrow, pain, inequality.
Slowly but surely she lost her mind,
Driven crazy by things the world couldn’t hide.

Game face on,
She continued strong,
With a deep dark secret,
Like lyrics in a song.
A song that filled her ears and mind,
And gave meaning to her once empty life.
From this day fourth she was destined to be,
In a state of Limerence with frequency.

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Meet Carly O

My name is Carly. I am a South Africa Dj / Music Producer / Entrepreneur / Vegan / Animal lover / Environmental Activist / with a PHD in being a free spirit. 

My passion for music began at a very early age from just listening to music with my parents and being exposed to so many different genres like rock and electronic to classical and jazz. I loved that something you can’t see or touch could make you have so much fun and feel so much. 

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I began piano lessons at the age of 7 and continued for most of my childhood which sparked my enthusiasm for music further than just loving to dance, sing or listening to the radio. It taught me that I could actually play music, and probably even make music of my own some day. 

As the years rolled on and electronic music progressed, I couldn’t pull myself away from getting sucked into it. I was out every weekend, sometimes during the week just changing music and a good vibe. It wasn’t soon after that I realized that I wanted to be a DJ and make music like the music I loved listening to. I had created such a bond with sound. It helped me through my exams, through the loss of pets and loved ones, break ups, and it helped channel and tame my inner demons that were born from adolescence and everything unjust in the world that broke my heart. 

As high school came to and end and the usual panic about college set in, I ended up following a friend of mine to law school. I HATED IT, but the school I went to didn’t really cater to the arts and focused on academics so I was a bit stuck for options. I also knew nothing about the industry and where to turn to. 

In 2014 (second year) I lost my patience and walked out of college the day before my trial exams without notifying my mother or the college I went to. I had had enough and I couldn’t ignore my calling any longer. That’s  where it all began, the day I followed my heart and found my happiness. 

I am now a full time international open format DJ / Music Producer, constantly traveling in, out and around the country living my dream and making people smile. Dreams come when you work at them. I’m so grateful. 

My EP will be launching this 2020, it’s a piece of me, a piece of my soul, I hope you enjoy it x 

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